Corporate Branded Watches & Bespoke Timepiece Experiences

Bespoke Timepiece Experiences

At our core, we specialize in crafting exquisite timepieces tailored to your brand, resulting in a truly unique and personalized experience for your esteemed employees. We understand the significance of time as your team’s most valuable asset, which is why we offer high-quality timepieces that serve as enduring symbols, commemorating their achievements and reinforcing the values of teamwork and collaboration. Every aspect of our watches, from the case and dial design to the strap, storage box, or winder, can be fully customized to meet your exact specifications. Reach out to us for a consultation, and let’s embark on a remarkable project together.

Mechanical & Mecha-Quartz Movements

We procure mechanical and mecha-quartz watch movements to drive the heart of your timepiece. These exceptional calibers embody the ingenuity of precision engineering, crafted with meticulous artistry. Just like the synchronized teamwork within your organization, these movements mirror the dedication to meeting deadlines and overcoming challenges, pushing towards the achievement of company goals.

EDO Watches Quality Components

High-Quality Components

EDO Watches collaborates with reputable European and Asian manufacturers to source a wide range of components essential for watchmaking, including movements, cases, sapphire crystals, dials, crowns, handsets, straps, bracelets, travel cases and winders. These manufacturers are trusted suppliers to renowned watchmakers from Switzerland, Germany, the United States, and Japan. By establishing direct sourcing channels, we ensure the delivery of superior quality watches at more affordable price points, benefiting our valued customers.

EDO Watches Quality Inspections

Rigorous Triple Quality Inspection

Our meticulous white glove inspection is conducted at three distinct stages: during the assembly and testing of the movement, watch assembly, and final QC processes. Additionally, a comprehensive quality inspection is performed in-country to identify any potential manufacturing defects and ensure precise movement accuracy. These rigorous quality assessments enable us to confidently offer a generous 2-year warranty on all our timepieces, guaranteeing their exceptional craftsmanship and reliability.

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